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You Don’t Have To Like It!!!

Posted on: April 12, 2019

As everyone knows, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross was a prominent Swiss-born psychiatrist who developed the five stage model on dying, grief and bereavement.that we’re all familiar with. A sixth, shock, has been added recently as the first stage to this model.

I’m adding a foot note to all of this and that is:

once you’ve gone through the six stages: shock, denial, anger, bargaining. depression, acceptance – none of this means that you have to like it….not while you’re going through it or after it.

You-don’t-have-to-like-it. Really, you don’t.

So, for people/counselors/clergy that help folks go through the six steps, don’t make people feel worse because they don’t like what’s happening to them . They have a right not to like it , during  and/or after.

You “well meaning people”, counselors, clergy, you deal with this while the bereft are dealing with whatever stage they’re in. Back off a little bit and be compassionate here too, ok?

Got it? Good.

Stop being a bully with people who are going through this.

…my rant for today…

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Sybil L. Ingram, MBA, Ph.D.

Dr. Sybil Ingram is a respected and experienced professional in the areas of healthcare information systems and regulatory compliance issues with significant knowledge on INFOSEC, NIST, FISA, FISMA, CFR 210,211 & 820 as well as Lifespan Respite Care Act regulations. With over twenty years of healthcare experience, she has been one of the nation's foremost speakers and active consultants for the HIPAA implementation challenges, addressing all major aspects of the Administrative Simplification Subtitle and affected entities/stakeholders. Dr. Ingram has served as a clinician, clinical researcher and instructor, emergency preparedness and readiness specialist as well as serving as an independent validation and verification compliance manager for multiple national providers of healthcare services. She has held key positions for healthcare industry leaders such as HBOC/McKesson, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Labs, the Georgia Technology Authority and the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC). In addition, Dr. Ingram is nationally board certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists, a former associate with the American College of Healthcare Executives, founder of Ingram And Associates, a certified INFOSEC professional by the Information Security And Audit Control Association and the US National Security Agency. As a volunteer, she is an active senior Georgia state representative for the National Family Caregivers Association and has an inventor's patent (pending) registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Organization. Dr. Ingram speaks nationally and internationally on topics that address information privacy and security as well as family care giving issues.

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