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Caregivers & Taxes!
March 18, 2013
By CareNovate Team Contritbutor

Tax time is almost here, April 15th to be exact. As more adults and boomers take on caregiving responsibilities for their aging relatives, it’s important to plan ahead.
Below, we share some tax tips published recently by IRS, AARP & Bankrate that could help save family caregivers some money, stress and time. As always, always consult a tax adviser, CPA or accountant for information specific to your situation.
Family caregiver might benefit in 3 ways:
You might qualify for the Child and Dependent Care Credit.
You might be able to claim your loved one as a dependent, reducing your taxable income by $3,700.
You might qualify for a deduction for money you spent on your loved one’s medical expenses and care.
Other specifics:

Caregiver tax deductions IS NOT limited to just relatives. Non-relatives could also qualify but only if they are part of the caregiver’s household for the entire tax year.
KEEP ALL YOUR RECEIPTS because some dependent expenses that are deductible includes cost of: food, housing, medical care, clothing, transportation and even bathroom modifications all qualify for tax deductions.
The IRS allows caregivers to deduct the costs not covered by a health care plan for a relative’s hospitalization or for out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs, dental care, copays, deductibles, ambulances, bandages, eyeglasses and certain long-term care services and more.
If a caregiver works but pays for care for a relative who can’t be left alone, those costs may also be tax-deductible.
Caregiver’s tax-free flex account may be used to cover expenses for both dependent and independent relatives — as long as you’re responsible for at least 50 percent of their support.
As always, always consult a tax adviser, CPA or accountant for information specific to your situation.

For more information & tips for caregivers, visit

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